Usage Areas


MGBOND offers impressive and aesthetic solutions with a wide variety of alternatives in store facade designs with its wide options of color and tissue. It adapts to all designs with unique advantages in order to convey the corporate identity of companies and brands to target group in the most accurate manner in outdoor space.

For the designs that make realize its difference.

MGBOND easily adapts to a wide variety of design combinations with its outer surface suitable for coating, lamination, serigraphy and digital printing. It is a source of inspiration for three-dimensional and diverse designs with its versatile formability and foldability. Besides, it provides the opportunity to accurately reflect corporate identity by being produced in corporate colors special to companies and brands.

  • Guaranteed high air resistance
  • UV resistance, color durability against daylight
  • Durability from -50°C to +80°C
  • It offers surface quality and smoothness
  • It can be produced in a wide variety of colors